Sing & Social


Saturday 23 June, 2018


An evening spent singing short choral pieces, followed by an ‘American Supper’ (1) and musical quiz.


Choral Society numbers fluctuate wildly through the late spring and summer (with holidays and other activities), so it becomes impossible to rehearse a summer concert featuring a large choral work.  We take this as an opportunity to explore the nooks and crannies of the choral repertoire, culminating in a sing-through of the pieces we’ve been studying.


Because it’s not a formal concert, it is restricted to members of the society.  (However, if you’re thinking of joining the choir and want to use this as a taster of the way we work, then we would welcome your participation – see the contact pages.)


Marple Methodist Church (2).





  1. Americans don’t call this an American Supper, they call it a Pot Luck Supper.  (Under either name, participants each bring a dish to share.)
  2. It seems pointless giving more information about Marple Methodist Church as the next two lines of the address only add the one new word: Lane.

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