Concerto in Isolamento

Selig sind die das Lied teilen…

(And for much the same reason.)

Well, we didn’t all get to sing Brahms’ German Requiem on 4 April 2020 because, along with most of the country, we were self-isolating.  However, we did use the the opportunity to sing it separately, but at much the same time.  This is what some of us looked like.Singing Brahms individually together.From this collage, you may deduce that:-

  • From the perspective of the choir the most important part of the conductor is the hands.
  • It’s really hard to take a selfie while conducting.
  • One of us might have wished to be singing something else.
  • Singing the requiem really dries your throat out.
  • Someone was 200 miles from a bow tie.
  • Whilst we might all have had the same score, we were singing different sections.
  • One of us takes a professional approach to studio singing.
  • Some of us occasionally look up at the conductor.
  • It’s possible that one of us is a naturist.

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