MCS Walking Group – Walk 5

Walk 5 started on the bus to New Mills and continued on a railway track without rails.  From Thornsett we tacked hither and thither across the Cobden Edge hillside, dodging livestock and golf courses before plunging back to the river and up to Marple.

JohnBusWho was that masked man?

FootbridgeThe heatwave spawned a fashion for hats.

EquuinesThe equuines behaved completely normally…

Henbath… which is more than can be said for the gallines.

WalkersThe views were a little hazy, but the walkers were sharp.


Shady gentlemen in shady hats.

The next walk will start with a bus ride from Marple (or from wherever you care to catch the 375) to Shiloh Road (beyond which, no bus dare travel) on TUESDAY August 18th using the service that departs The Hollins at 10.11.  Roger is charged with getting us safely (though not directly) back to Marple.

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