MCS Walking Group – Walk 6

Tuesday August 18th saw us take a bus from Marple to Shiloh Road (the south-eastern boundary of Greater Manchester, beyond which no bus has set foot tyre).  Thereafter, Roger directed us about the hillside, up to Cobden Edge, and back through the outer reaches of Mill Brow, around Townscliff and back to Marple.

W6BusSocially-distant bus passangers; note that the group occupied the entire bus.

W6ShilohWe set off expecting rain…

W6Cobden… which, apart from a few spots on the way to Cobden Edge, didn’t materialise.

W6WallgoatThis is a Cobden wall-goat.

W6LunchBy the time we had lunch (on the way to Chatterton Lane) we had all shed layers.

A fine walk!

The next one will start in the same place – the bus stop by the Hollins parade, Marple  – and continue via all stops to Hayfield, whereat we will alight from the 358 for a 6.5 mile guided tour (with hills), courtesy of John P.  All this on Tuesday 25 August, catching the bus at 9:57.  Bring lunch, public transport facemask and apparel suitable for the anticipated conditions (for which the weather forecast is not necessarily a guide: see the anticipated rainy walk above).


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