MCS Walking Group – Walk 8

Four little choristers
On a walking spree,
One had to go to school,
Then there were three…

Roger led the walk from Shiloh Road to Lantern Pike.  Here are “the lads” at the top.

Another faboulous walk on a near-perfect day.  We took the bus from Marple to Shiloh Road (the boundary between Greater Manchester and Derbyshire).  Roger led us across fields to the outskirts of Rowarth (who knew that Rowarth was big enough to have outskirts?), thence around the back of Cown Edge, then around and down towards Little Hayfield and up to the summit of Lantern Pike for spectacular views in all directions (including a close-up view of lunch).
Imagine our surprise when the walk down to Birch Vale took us to a pub (and our disappointment to find it closed).

Descending the fields below Shiloh Road.Bijou country cottage, superb views, in need of modernisation.
At the back of Cown Edge, stilishly
Destination in sight.
The descent from Lantern Pike to Birch Vale.

Next walk willtake us across Whaley Moor on Wednesday 9th September, starting with the 358 bus from Marple at 10:05.  (More details to follow.)

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