MCS Walking Group – Walk 10A

This was an extra walk, scheduled for a weekend to accomodate lives troubled by work.  We took a bus to New Mills and walked around the flanks of Black Hill and into the fringes of Lyme Park, down past the reservoirs and up to Disley Golf course, followed by field paths (and a short, busy stretch of towpath) back to Marple.

This was a long walk, so this is the abridged version.

Sarah paused to talk to some donkeys until Roger pointed out that she could do that for the rest of the walk.

On the side of Black Hill, a trio of moai looks into the distant west.

The path petered-out into moorland.  We followed the map.  (The path didn’t.)

This handy structure allowed us to practice our stile technique. (It’s called freestyle).

Our lunch spot, just away from the main Lyme Park entrance.

Roger paued to gather Boletus edulis or, as he called it, dinner.

This zebra wasn’t fooling anyone!

Another perfect walking day.  (We keep on picking ’em.)
The next walk will start after the 358 bus at 10.05 from Marple (The Hollins) to New Mills, then the 61 bus at 10.25 to the Shady Oak and will venture up Ladder Hill and Eccles Pike.

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