MCS Walking Group – Walk 11

A couple of buses (through an interminable collection of road works) took us to the Shady Oak bus stop in Fernilee (twixt Whaley Bridge and Buxton).  From there, we walked up around Ladder Hill, down to the valley below Combs reservoir and up the other side for lunch atop Eccles Pike.  The bus delays meant that we were behind schedule, so had to make our way straight to Chinley station for the train home (rather than the intended route which would have had us hauling-in The Old Hall Inn).

The bus stop at the start of the walk, with John reflected whistfully in the doors of the Shady Oak.

At the top of the path, there was a sign saying “temporarily closed” (due to the deep gouge washed-out under the bridge).  We started at the bottom.

John wanted to keep quiet about the route across the moor, but he was grassed-up.

Near the top of Ladder Hill.

“Everybody’s gotta be somewhere.”  (Eccles Pike.)

Post-prandial Pikemen.

Chinley’s tribute to Robert Frost.

But… I thought they were only red or grey!


Another excellent route with views to match.
The next walk is likely to be on Friday October 2nd.  Terra as yet incogniata.

4 thoughts on “MCS Walking Group – Walk 11

  1. Lovely photos again – pity you didn’t get the [previously ‘no’] ‘right of way’ sign. Re the typo – whistful is how I feel not being allowed to play bridge!


  2. I d love to join in on my return but fear i ve missed the nursery slopes & it will all bee a bit too strenuous/ downhill steep for one who has been bumming around or lying on beaches for many weeks!!


    • Let us know when you’re back and the sort of terrain/distance you’d like to cover and I’m sure you can be accommodated.
      (The same goes for any other would-be walkers in the society who feel intimidated by the hilly pictures.)


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