MCS Walking Group – Walk 13

This walk started and ended in Latin. The beginning was close to Ardotalia (the conjectured name for the Roman Fort at Gamesley – also known as Melandra, but that name was definitely made up in the 18th century.)  From there, we followed (albeit at a distance) the River Etherow which took us via The Hague (a house, not the capital of the Netherlands) to Broadbottom and on to Botham’s House where we left the river and climbed up to Werneth Low for lunch.  We returned to civilisation via the familar ways of the Etherow Country Park, Brabyns Park and a mushroom hunt.

Milites Romanos – guarding the ramparts of Ardotalia

Heap of the week: ripe for conversion (for instance into somewhere with a dry interior).

“And this is where we met Rob Pimlott…”
(Planning Walk 14 started with an explanation of the route Roger had missed.)

A selfie at the end of the lunch break.

A quick reminder of the Sans Day Carol.

Compstall Weir in full spate.

Roger examinse a specimen of hebeloma crustuliniforme.  (“Crustuliniforme” means “like a small item of baked goods”.  This probably means that the mushroom cap looks like an ancient Roman biscuit, unless the Romans baked cookies that looked like mushrooms.  I haven’t investigated this.  The Internet being what it is, you can probably look it up on-line in ‘Apicius’, or another collection of Roman recipes.)

After a bright start, the walk was largely conducted under cloud and above puddles, but fortunately the two made no attempt to meet.

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