MCS Walking Group – Walk 14

Roger led us from Horwich End to Chinley via devious routes zig-zagging around the flanks of Eccles Pike.  The walk took in excellent autumn views, iron age fortifications and an unexpected bridge club.  The original plan was for a shorter walk to accommodate additional members, but they were unable to join on this occassion, so Roger threw in a few additional paths for the regular crew.

Autumn expressed in some fine Virginia creeper.
 This is a bit of the Roosdyche which is a huge earthwork, possible an Iron Age fort.  (Rather difficult to photograph as in total it’s about 400 metres long and 30 wide.

An uphill plod, this time by road.

Some chickens had staged a coup. (Or it might be a modest reference to Mussorgsky.)


The final leg to Chinley was achieved in fine stile.

Having finished the walk early, we remained stationary for some time.

Quite a cold day, but it remained fine for a very enjoyable walk.

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