MCS Walking Group – Walk 15

Buses took us to New Mills then Whaley Bridge.  After a brief road walk past Todbrook reservoir, we were out onto the open moors.  John led us along the skirts of Whaley Moor, across to Kettleshulme and up to Windgather Rocks for stunning views (including a glimpse of aerial duel between a crow and a kestrel).

Stuart (under the name of Sheldon) and John admire a mossy roof; Roger wishes the photographer does likewise.

At this point we ran into another walking group in the shape of David (Bass) and (non-chorister) Vic.  This may have been the first time I’d seen Vic outside a pub, however that’s where he and David were heading at the time.

Roger ate lunch in stile…

… whilst John made an impression on an upturned wheelbarrow.

Sarah striding over a single-span stone bridge.

There’s a lot of mycological information under Roger’s hat.

Captain Ahab scans the horizon looking for whales (in the direction of Whaley Bridge)

The last footbridge, then a brief encounter with the Cromford and High Peak Railway  prior to catching the bus at Horwich End.

Once again, the weather was kind and we were treated to the glorious colours of autumn.

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