MCS Walking Group – Walk 17

For the second time, Stuart led the group out of the Tesco Car Park at Whaley Bridge.  This time, the route took us over Chinley Churn to New Mills. It was dry overhead (despite clouds on the surrounding hill tops) but far-from dry underfoot.

The walkers were lulled into complacency by a flat start along to Buxworth Basin before the climbing started.

The reason that John seems to be walking through someone’s front garden is that the path went that way.

A stile exists to allow the progress of humans whilst impeding livestock.  The person responsible for maintenance at Cracken Edge seems to have forgotten the first point…

… a feat which had not escaped previous walkers.

The fact that Roger seems to be leaning slightly to his right may be excused given that the alternative might involve a sharp drop.

Roger attempted a difficult solo ascent…

… whilst John followed the cameraman’s route (which started steep and got worse).

Roger’s impression of a potentate flanked by two guards brought the house down.

“Just walk ahead, John, I need some human interest in this picture.”

Return to New Mills was via the Torrs…

… enough to drive anyone up the wall.

Another excellent autumnal walk (except when Stuart fell down a flight of stone steps, obviously).

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