MCS Walking, but not in groups – Walk 18

Under the November 2020 Covid regulations we are allowed to walk, but not in groups of more than two.  Consequently the walkers were so far apart that none of them got into the pictures during Roger’s semicircumnavigation of Glossop.

The route started in Higher Gamesly, then took us to the fringes of Simmondley.  I was too distant to hear the local gentleman directing Roger to Charlestown, but I do know that the advice was completely ignored and that the roundabout route was excellent, affording lovely autumnal views. Then, by devious routes, to Shire Hill before passing through Old Glossop to the bus home.

Parking is tight around Simmondley, so there are some innovative approaches.

In case anyone has wondered where their butties come from.

Lees Hall is such a dull building that even the gargoyles are fed up.

What we see here is the result of horses practicing jumping over drystone walls.

Autumn, amidst green fields and brooding moors.

Ascending Shire Hill through birchwoods.

Finally, the palm-fringed stretches of Old Glossop.


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