MCS Walking, but not in groups – Walk 19

In Rainow, we met some people we’d met before, but, due to social distancing, they wouldn’t stay close enough to be photographed, so this is largely a chronicle of the impediments to progress on John’s obstacle course.

Our first aiming point was White Nancy, but some people had got there before us.

Some of the signposts were a bit laid-back…

… but two of the directions were still correct.

Stone stile with front and back gates.  (No, of course we don’t know why.)

Stone stile with single rear gate.

Stone stile with rear gate and interstitial bridge.

Stone stile with wooden handrail.

Stone stile with wooden hurdle.

A-frame stile over stone wall rendered redundant by stampeding walkers.

Wrought-iron kissing gate with adjacent cattle grid.

Galvanised kissing gate with integral water feature.

Cubist kissing gate.

Free-standing stile for no apparent reason.

Pair of free-standing stiles with intermediate farm road.

Excellent stone stile, from which the fence had departed by about a metre.

Even the shadows were practising social distancing.

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