MCS Walking, but not in groups – Walk 20

We’ve had several comments for how lucky we’ve been with the weather for the walks.  Well, by contrast this one started out as a Grade A Grey Day, with cloud down below a thousand feet in places.  (In some of those places, we were walking at above a thousand feet.)  Nevertheless, a good (well spaced) walk ensued…

There’s a small stone circle on the fringes of Ludworth Moor.  Since this isn’t marked on the map, we reckon it must be the current meeting place of the Mill Brow chapter of the Druids of Great Britain.  We’re sure Clive and Val will know.

You don’t have to be unsociable to live in such a remote spot, but it helps.
We didn’t meet many people on the walk, but here, at Near Slack, a chap got out of a car wearing a dressing gown.  This seemed to be quite normal.

Long Clough runs from Glossop up to the middle of nowhere.
This is the bit furtherst from Glossop.

We headed towards Kinder, then veered off.  This was the best view we got.
(This will remind Bloss of a Pink Floyd album.)

This fine red grouse posed on a bridge until Stuart got a bit close.
It then flew off in the direction of the shooting cabin.  (Further evidence of an unequal battle, since the birds are even out-thought by the men with guns.)

Fine view of Lantern Pike.
(On a previous walk, there was a reciprocal view.)

I have to say, I don’t care for your altitude.

The walk ended in longing glances at the Royal Hotel.  Normally we would have entered and drunk heartily.  (“Three pints of Heartily, please, Landlord.”)

3 thoughts on “MCS Walking, but not in groups – Walk 20

  1. Thanks Stuart. Have just looked at your route on my peak distr map. Great photos & thanks for mention. Obscured by Clouds i guess.
    We got train from disley to buxton yest & walked round lots of it for a couple of hours. John worked there for years & loved it. Fitzgerald bakers was open for lovely pasties too
    Looks interesting round higher Chisworth, / ludworth, we’ll have to give that a go


  2. Yes, Obscured by Clouds was the one I was thinking of (and the one to which I returned for a listen).
    We will be back to permission to walk in groups of up to six after next week, so if there are any good days for you to join a shorter walk, let me know by e-mail. (Recent walks have been of 7 to 8 miles, but we’re happy to do shorter ones if that would attract a bigger group.)


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