MCS Walking, but not in groups – Walk 21

By a strange coincidence, three members of Marple Choral Society rode the 394 bus and all got off at Gamesley.  December first is the start of “meteorological winter” (because it’s easier for weather forecasters to work in calendar months!) and we were rewarded with enough frost to put a thin crust of ice on the puddles of the field paths (but enough sun to melt it quickly in the exposed places).
Roger led us down to the River Etherow, then along to the outskirts of Broadbottom, before climbing back to Chisworth, then up onto Ludworth Moor and down (via as many footpaths as we could manage) to Marple Bridge.

This isn’t pretty, but it is interesting.  The ugly brick building had, at some time long past, been built onto (the bricks key-in) an older stone building.  Subsequently, the brick building had been modified (bricking up two windows and inserting/enlarging the roll-down doorway), and then the older building collapsed, leaving just the gable.  From the look of the site, the brick building will go soon, probably making way for housing.

The Etherow, wreathed in mist.

River monster.

These are haws…

… so this must be haw frost.

In Chisworth, one of the houses was experimenting with a moat.

The frost was sharp enough to grow some excellent dendrites (in this case, on a car).

Range Rover for sale.  One careful owner (followed by a bunch of screaming maniacs).  Bodywork needs some attention.

Shortly after encountering the vehicle above (the outlier of a mechanical graveyard on Ludworth Moor), we crossed Ernocroft Lane and the path of Gill B and her husband, out on a walk of their own.  (One of the general problems of Marple Choral Society is that we don’t all get to know one another by name.  So if I say Gill, everyone will think of Gill A., our beloved charlady chairlady.  If I say “Gill the Alto”, that doesn’t help because Gill A also sings in that register.  “Curly haired Gill” doesn’t help for the same reason.  Perhaps if I describe Gill positionally that will bring her to mind: typically, in the second row of altos, Gill B is next-but-one to Gill A with Sarah as the filling in the sandwich between two slices of Gill.  She also appears in the Singing Selfies Set.  Oh, that Gill …)  Whilst we were crossing fields to reach Sandhill Lane and then Lane Ends, Gill and husband were going up past Ernocroft Farm, then dropping down to Glossop Road and on down to the Etherow Weir.  That gives me all the excuse I need to add two photographs that I took on previous walks on their route through the fields below Ernocroft Farm, two years and seven months apart:-

In March 2018, this was identifiable as a Mk1 Ford Escort estate (which would probably fail its MOT, having been driven into the ground).

In October this year, the same vehicle was in need of a bit more work.


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