MCS Walking Group – Walk 22

This was absolutely typical of the standard of counting you get from choral singers. If a score requires them to count to seven, you’re lucky if they get as far as three. (This walk was planned for seven people.)
The walking group also seems to have developed a fixation on bottoms. Last week it was Broadbottom, this week John’s walk took us through Mousely Bottom and Brookbottom. (One of the many Brookbottoms in the area, owing to the many brooks, but the nearest one to Mousely.)

We started in New Mills with the Goyt spectacularly in spate around the Torrs.

Local nature seems to include a lot of lichen.

John marching determinedly up to Brookbottom, ignoring the rather hazy views of the glorious heights of Disley.

Reflections on the Strines dovecote

Turflea bridge offered a view of the typical division of labour on canal boats: the gentleman does the important technical work of standing up and making small mechanical adjustments, while the lady does the light duties of winding locks and bridge mechanisms with the added bonus of the opportunity to fall in (though in this case, she declined to be photographed while doing so.)

Today’s mystery object.
We think we know what it is, but what is the function of the diving bell in the centre?

The weather was better than expected, with no rain for the whole walk. On the other hand, conditions under-foot were a little tricky in places.

These three may be familiar from previous walks.

Alan couldn’t make it to the walk, so is represented here by his Christmas tree.

The next walk will be on Wednesday 17 December.  Location yet to be determined, but expect some familiar faces.

1 thought on “MCS Walking Group – Walk 22

  1. Sorry we didnt make it
    What is that weird object?
    Re the choir social – i can offer a daft quiz about confectionery. – just a dozen orcso questions – i ve prepared it as part of our zoom quiz tomorrow.
    Will ask Sandy


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