MCS Walking Group – Walk 23

We advertised this walk for a Wednesday, but since the weather was foul and nobody was tied to the day, we changed it to a much fairer Thursday.  The party took the snake path from Hayfield up onto the moor, then dropped down below Kinder Reservoir to cross to the foot of Kinder Low End.  The path up is well established on the ground – indeed, part of it is, in effect, a staircase – but not marked on the OS map.  Down via Swine’s Back, Edale Cross, bridleways, field paths and a deal of mud.

Hayfield basking in the winter sun.

Sarah and Roger bestride the Snake Path.

Beach huts adorning the Derbyshire coastline.

Chaps with maps.

This week’s Des Res.

Roger takes a dappled descent.

Thin people with very small heads?  Roger seems to have turned into a stick puppet and Stuart into some sort of dinosaur.  Sarah looks comparatively normal, once you realise that she is wearing a bobble hat, although she does seem to have gained flared trousers.

Bovine family.

To gauge the steepness of Kinder Low End, note that there are a couple of additional people in the picture, at the base of the climb just to the left of Sarah’s wrist.

This pair seem to be a strange cross of ovine, alpaca and Old English Sheepdog.

Roger scans the stream for any sign of the troll.

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