MCS Walking Group – Walk 24

On New Year’s Eve, social distancing regulations were such that we were walking in two groups of two.  (This occasionally strung out into four groups of one.)  The starting point was Offerton Green, and the path at the bottom of the hill alongside the brook.  I had assumed that this was the Foggbrook, after which the area on the Stockport side is named, but it appears on the map as Poise Brook, so Foggbrook could be a nickname that stuck to the area, it could be named after a resident called Fogg or it could be the tributary that runs into Poise Brook from the general direction of Great Moor.
We followed the brook down to the Goyt, then across fields to Otterspool where (after a short debate), Roger led us up the less familiar Bunkers Hill route to Hatherlow.  Thence the canal to Hyde Bank, a brief flirtation with the Cherry Tree estate, and down (via fields wherein the path became indistinct, but the mud less so) to the riverside path to Compstall, then back to Marple via Brabyns Park.

Not in the least bit foggy.

When two people stop on the bridge to pose for a photograph, the backmarker inevitably catches up.

A gentle stretch of the mighty River Goyt.

Short ‘orse.

The back of Hatherlow URC (just because it was winter and we could see more than usual.

In addition to giving John a copy of a book of walks from Romiley station, this chap and Stuart agreed that they knew one another, but couldn’t work out how.  (Subsequent thought suggests that he is either a bird watcher or an autoharp player.)

A different way of approaching Hyde Bank Tunnel (for which some of us do not have the confidence, balance, or fondness for cold muddy water).

Viaduct and aqueduct viewed from a less familiar angle.  (Photograph may or may not contain a footpath.)

Roger gallantly stands on an island to let a dog walker tackle the stile.
(This was the second-muddiest gateway on the walk.)

Alternative approaches were essayed.

An excellent way to end the year, despite the mud.


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