MCS Walking Group – Walk 25

This may be a slightly confused report, as it is being written by Stuart who (due to over-exercising his ankles) was not on the walk.  Photographs by Sarah (although this may not be entirely correct).

John’s route started from Rosehill station along the Middlewood Way, but soon veered off into a fine seam of local mud.  Skirting Stockport Golf Course, the walk encountered a moat.  (It took me ages to find this on the map – although the Gothic script reading “Moat” was a bit of a clue.)  The photographer (quite rightly) ignored the delights of Hazel Grove Golf Course, and John found a sheltered spot for lunch.  The return leg seems to have been a mix of towpaths, streets, bridleways and even more mud.

At this time of year, the paths are wearing a well-used look.

Stockport Golf Course, with evidence of gentle sledging.  (For more vertiginous sledging, see the Mellor course.)

This is the moat.  The island looks like it was designed for Bodiam Castle, but the stone was sent to Sussex by mistake.

When I saw this picture, I assumed that the hand gesture was directing the photographer, but actually it was an objection to being squeezed in this stile.

Roger and John have a socially distant conversation.  (In other cultures, and at other times, this is known as shouting.)

We always pick the best lunchtime views.  (Middlewood Station, lower line.)

A cat makes the most of typical narrowboat miscellany.

Reflections on the Macclesfield Canal.

A Cheshire snowman
(in the sense that when it melts away, the last thing to disappear will be its grin).

This week’s must-see property.
This cottage needs a bit of upgrading, but comes with plenty of room for expansion.

Can’t think why a member of the choir would take this picture.

Lock 7 is a frequent end point for the group part of our local walks, since the Marple Eastenders take the towpath home, whilst the Westenders take the Seven Stiles.

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