MCS Walking Group – 14-05-21

Having been out of commission for a while (strained tendons) I’ve lost track of the number of walks the group has done, so I’ve given up and reverted to dates. On the fourteenth of May at the dawn of the day (actually, it wasn’t dawn; that was poetic licence, allowing me to use the opening line to the folk song Bonny Black Hare), Roger and the 394 bus took us to Ernocroft whence we tacked back and forth up onto Ludworth Moor and down into the Etherow valley, then, skirting Broadbottom, and Hattersley, up a wooded valley and back to Gamesly for a bus home. The walk brought us exercise, danger, topiary, interesting signage, sheep and a vehicle that made its way into a previous walk report, even though we hadn’t seen it.

We started with a brush with danger.
Up onto Ludworth Moor and then down, with views over the Etherow Valley to the hills beyond.
Descending over rough ground for further encounters with sheep…
Walking Rug…
Sci-Fi sheep…
Back across Glossop Road and over a stile for a steep descent where John found…
The territory of the local Satanists.
This group led to a discussion on sheep genetics. As John remarked, they’ve got their mothers’ feet.
An Englishman’s home is his castle. In some cases, the castallian marks the boundary of his Utopia with Yew Topiary.
Colourblind Cottage.
This picture includes both a dog and a bridge. The bridge is easier to spot. The dog is on the bridge.

Another excellent walk in diverse terrain. (And we didn’t have to wait long for the return bus.)

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