MCS Walking Group – 02-06-21

John led a ramble from High Lane through Middlewood, narrowly avoiding Poynton, down to Wardsend, then up into Lyme Park and back to High Lane along the canal.

This was John’s second attempt at leading the group around this circuit. The first turned into a solo walk, with the rest of the regulars chickening out for reasons of work, injury and bad weather. (John assured us that he had been soaked in the first hour and subsequently blown dry.) On this occasion, summer had well-and-truly arrived.

At the Wardsend corner of the walk, my OS map carries the label “accommodation” without indicating who or what is being accommodated, nor how.
Amongst the usual delights of the countryside, the group found a mysterious underground chamber covered by a rusty plate bearing six holes. It appeared to be supplied with electricity. If anyone knows what this is, please add a comment below!

01_MeadowSummer meadows make a perfect start.  Less so the nettles at the end of the meadows (vindication of the decision of all the walkers not to wear shorts.)

Sheltering sheep.  The lambs have grown since previous walks.

03_Tranquil_WatersPassing by tranquil waters.

04_Rusty_PlateThere’s a hole in the ground covered by a rusty plate.  Roger is looking into it.

05_ConflabThis appears to be one of the usual conversations over a map; always the opportunity for the photographer to look for an artistic composition.

06_RollingOnly one person received an electric shock as a result of taking this picture.

07_PostboxThere are no collections from this repurposed post box, yet they happen six times a day.

08_SublymeThe familiar view was, of course, sub-Lyme.

09_BunkerBunker once used as a gun emplacement to defend the Macclesfield canal against pirate raiders from Congleton.

10_BusStopSome photographers put others in the shade.

All mistakes in this blog post are due to the reporter, who was not on the walk!

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