MCS Walking Group – 24-06-21

With Strines Road closed, the 358 bus to Hayfield had been rerouted via High Lane and Disley.  This was our last opportunity1 to take advantage of the new route to explore a different part of the locale.Roger took pity on Stuart’s ankles to plot a gentle route of around 4 miles from High Lane to Disley via the wilder fringes of Poynton, with only a few small climbs.  (A good day for avoiding upland treks; the higher hills were shrouded in cloud.)
(Roger was also responsible for reminding me that when I first uploaded this blog post, I missed out the photograph of the caravan.  This has now been remedied.)

Mystery1Mystery object number 1.  Probably not a mystery to the population of High Lane, but this is being written by an outlander from Marple.   (In case this is a mystery to the reader, it might be noted that a moment after this photograph was taken, there was the noise of a passing train.)

WadingThe day was dry, in the sense that it wasn’t raining, but our legs were damp, in the sense that we were wading through the long wet grass of an English summer.

Mystery2Mystery object number 2 was genuinely unknown.  It’s a huge wall made of engineering bricks and, at this point, with a substantial buttress, indicating that it was under pressure from the far side.  Explanations welcome!

FetlocksWith John unavailable for the walk, other focal points were needed for photograhs, so here is a horse with hairy fetlocks.

CrossingThe next surprise (for me) was a manned level crossing with manually operated gates.

CaravanVintage road vehicle, in need of minor repairs and a new one horsepower engine.

TunnelMore engineering.  Somewhere above this huge culvert runs the Macclesfield Canal.

DesResWithGardenThis week’s des. res. comes surrounded by its own garden.

DefensiveStyleStile of the week offers substantial hand rails enclosed in hawthorn.  If the walker wishes to forego those deights and instead take hand-holds on the steps, then there is the likelihood of close encounters with nettles.

Skirting the edge of Lyme park, we got to a request stop on the A6 in Disley.  When we flagged-down the 358, the driver asked if we were sure we’d got the right bus.

  1. Of course, as soon as I had written that it was the last opportunity to take the 358 on this route, Roger found out that Strines Road is likely to be blocked (and therefore the bus diverted through High Lane and Disley) for another two weeks due to late arrival of the precast concrete culverts which are the whole point of the road closure.
    (And, of course, after I had written that, and after lobbying by local councillors, the two weeks turned into a couple of days and a set of temporary traffic lights.)

3 thoughts on “MCS Walking Group – 24-06-21

  1. We came across item 1 last year
    & john decided it was an air vent for the disley tunnel
    No 2 is prob part of a bund to do with the disley waterworks (past or pres)
    Far too hot to do much walking here c 33


    • The bund is certainly not associated with current water works. If you go to Google Maps and switch to satellite view, it looks like landfill. To me, the blue bricks of the wall look very like those of the tunnel ventillation shafts, which implies construction in the same era, but I can’t think why such an elaborate construction would have been used for tunnelling spoil unless the navvies hit seams of something that couldn’t be used as aggregate or generally spread on the land.

      The Samuel Oldknow is missing the pair of you!


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