MCS Walking Group – 16-07-2021

A wiggle around Diggle.

Most of the walks start and finish with a journey on public transport (which enables a point-to-point walk rather than a circular walk which often involves some repetition).  This one started with an impromptu car ride, courtesy of a cancelled train.  Having driven to the intended starting point in Greenfield, due east of Oldham, the walk climbed up to the Pots and Pans stone on Saddleworth Moor, crossed to Alderman’s Hill, overlooking Dove Stones reservoir, then via Shaw Rocks and down the hill to cross the upper reaches of the river Tame and the tunnel of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal just to the north of Diggle, before another climb to Harrop Edge and a descent into Dobcross where the bus back to Greenfield was (conveniently) preceded by refreshments at The Swan.
At one point, following the recently established tradition, Sarah and John lost track of the walk leader by the simple expedient of walking ahead.  In this case, they retraced their steps and found Roger contemplating a wall.  His memory, and indeed the OS map, said there was a path through it.  Reality begged to differ.

DW01Starting the ascent to Saddleworth Moor

DW02Some of the scenery was riveting…

DW03This, for example.

DW04Further examples of the post-industrial landscape followed.

DW05Intrepid explorers survey the valley of the Tame.

DW06Pots and Pans Stone and war memorial.

DW07Dove Stones reservoir from Alderman’s Hill.

DW08Roger mentioned lunch and was immediately joined by a cloud of enthusiastic flies.

DW09Panorama looking towards Harrop Edge from (probably) Slades Rocks [where one should really expect an appearance of Noddy Holder].

DW10Selfless selfie.

DW11Property of the week: bijou thatched residence on the outskirts of Diggle.

DW12Roger appears to be carrying his bagpipes to Diggle Band Club.

DW13There were no views from Harrop Edge, but a very fine view from The Swan in Dobcross.

Commentary by Stuart (who wasn’t on the walk).  Photography by Sarah (who most definitely was).

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