MCS Walking Group – 30-07-2021

Both of the usual photographers were absent from this walk (through being down south and down-at-heel), so Roger’s report is illustrated with a valuable contribution from John. 

“We got off the bus at the Hayfield Quarry stop and took the path above the cemetery to Ridge Top and thence to TV Sta, Air Shaft and Moor Lodge. Then 1½ miles along Over Hill Road and down to Cloughend and Green Head. There the hope was to take a short cut to Dolly Lane but the path up the bank from the road was completely overgrown1, so we continued along the road until heading under the railway and taking the path running above Meadows Farm to Gowhole. Then we headed for Low Leighton via Beard Hall Farm. We encountered Choir member Katrina, whom John had spotted from the outward bus. We were much wetter at the end than at any previous stage of the walk, as the only appreciable rain coincided with the most overgrown path (apart from the one we had forgone).”

DesRes210730This week’s Des. Res. is suitable for the kind of person who likes to be at the front of the traffic queue.  We believe that it has been well cared-for, but the current owner has not used it for some time.


  1. Roger drew the attention of the Peak & Northern Footpaths Society (PNFS) to the impassible footpath. Their local rep paid a visit to the site and confirmed the status with a photograph. Given that the path was buried in bracken, it seemed appropriate that the problem should be passed on to someone named Brackenbury. He did some preliminary clearing and then passed the problem onto Derbyshire County Council who are responsible for maintenance.
    The path?  It’s in there somewhere.

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