MCS Walking Group – 22-10-2021

Another excursion into Derbyshire for John and Stuart, starting with a train to Hathersage and returning from down the line in Hope.On this occasion the weather was a bit mixed, but on the plateau of Offerton Moor we had a clear enough view of the impending rain for Stuart to stash the camera and don a coat and for John to break-out his waterproof trousers.  The result were firstly a photographic bias towards the first half, missing, for example, any record of Grey Ditch (which is perplexing rather than photogenic) and secondly dry legs.
It may also be worth noting that I managed another accident with my spectacles before the start of the walk.  This time it was the result of putting up a hood against the rain and knocking the glasses to the ground where a lens pinged out.  (Repair was made en route.)

01_TopiaryCorkscrew greetings from Hathersage

02_ShattonTurning away from this path, we went up the hill and were rained on.

03_SQThis harmless creature provoked a tirade of angry muttering from John (with frequent use of the words “invasive”, “pest” and “loft”).

04_Sunlit UplandsJohn studies the map for the sunlit uplands that I’m sure we were promised at one time.

05_OffertonHallOfferton Hall; 16th and 17th century building with the slight distractions of satellite dish and RV.

06_SlipperySlopeJohn makes steady work of the steep slope with treacherous clay, in the keen gaze of …

07_SOTD…the neighbourhood watch.

08_LadybowerDistant view of Ladybower Reservoir.

09_SitchCrossing Siney Sitch.

And finally, ignoring all the fungi (with splendid examples of inkcaps) we reached:10_HOTDAnother des. res. in the form of two cottages, ripe for amalgamation.

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