MCS Walking Group – Walk 13

This walk started and ended in Latin. The beginning was close to Ardotalia (the conjectured name for the Roman Fort at Gamesley – also known as Melandra, but that name was definitely made up in the 18th century.)  From there, we followed (albeit at a distance) the River Etherow which took us via The Hague (a house, not the capital of the Netherlands) to Broadbottom and on to Botham’s House where we left the river and climbed up to Werneth Low for lunch. Continue reading

MCS Walking Group – Walk 12

John had to employ some heavy-duty deviousness to take us on paths we hadn’t used before to get from Shiloh Road to New Mills via Rowarth and Birch Vale.  The other important feature of this walk was that, for the first time, Steve was able to join us.  On the way home, we were spotted by ex-chorister Rob Pimlott but our bus arrived just as he came up for a chat.
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MCS Walking Group – Walk 10A

This was an extra walk, scheduled for a weekend to accomodate lives troubled by work.  We took a bus to New Mills and walked around the flanks of Black Hill and into the fringes of Lyme Park, down past the reservoirs and up to Disley Golf course, followed by field paths (and a short, busy stretch of towpath) back to Marple. Continue reading