MCS Walking, but not in groups – Walk 21

By a strange coincidence, three members of Marple Choral Society rode the 394 bus and all got off at Gamesley.  December first is the start of “meteorological winter” (because it’s easier for weather forecasters to work in calendar months!) and we were rewarded with enough frost to put a thin crust of ice on the puddles of the field paths (but enough sun to melt it quickly in the exposed places). Continue reading

MCS Walking, but not in groups – Walk 20

We’ve had several comments for how lucky we’ve been with the weather for the walks.  Well, by contrast this one started out as a Grade A Grey Day, with cloud down below a thousand feet in places.  (In some of those places, we were walking at above a thousand feet.)  Nevertheless, a good (well spaced) walk ensued… Continue reading